Listed below are six objectives referencing different aspects related to my network security major. These objectives represent what I’ve learned throughout my studies at the University of Advancing Technology. You may view work related to each objective by clicking on the respective links below. 

1. Create a network infrastructure design communications document that includes identified hardware components, connections to outside world, identified physical layer connectivity (media), and addressing. Click Here!

2. Install, configure and test security hardware and software tools with supporting documentation such as port scanners, vulnerability detection systems, intrusion detection systems, firewalls, system hardening, anti-virus tools, patch management, auditing and assessment. Click Here!

3. Construct, implement and document a script or a program to automate a security-related process or other task such as installation, administration, management, mapping resources, logon scripts, patch management, updates, auditing, analysis and assessment. Click Here!

4. Create a policy or procedure that addresses events such as: a disaster recovery plan, a business continuity plan, incident response policy, acceptable usage document, an information security policy, a physical security policy, assessments or troubleshooting procedures. Click Here!

5. Develop a research report or implementation plan concerning legal and ethical best practices and mandated requirements that pertain to information security. Click Here!

6. Research, document, test and evaluate several current industry information security based threats, risks, malicious activities, covert methodology, encryption technologies, mitigation techniques or unconventional tactics to prevent loss of sensitive information and data confidentiality, integrity and availability. Click Here!