Objective 3


1. Basic Linux Firewall Manager

I created a basic Linux Firewall manager script written in Bash. This is to give easy management to users who want to make configurations to their firewalls. This script allows users to manage rules, view firewalls status, and reset firewall.

2. Basic GUI Linux Firewall Manager

This is a continuation of my other firewall manager that was written in Bash with only a command-line interface. This firewall manager is written in Python3 and given a GUI that has the ability to block services/ports, IP addresses, and to manage the Firewall. The Firewall manager relies on IPtables and the package ufw. This program has been tested on Parrot OS a Ubuntu Distro and Kali a Debian Distro. This leads me to believe that this software will work on most Debian and Ubuntu Distros. This Python script was coded entirely by hand in a notepad without an IDE.


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View or Download Script here: https://github.com/JakeFrom98/Basic-GUI-Linux-Firewall-Manager