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Enterprise-Level Environment: pfSense – Network Interfaces and Firewall Rules

When setting up a homelab that aims to replicate an enterprise-level network, one of the most critical tasks is configuring the network interfaces. These interfaces act as the lifelines for communication between different segments of our network, and their correct configuration is crucial for the seamless operation of our services. I won’t be going over

Enterprise-Level Environment: Introduction – Hardware

Enterprise-Level Environment Introduction – Hardware Setup Introduction Welcome to the inaugural post of our series on constructing an enterprise-level homelab environment. At the foundation of our setup is a piece of hardware that’s both seasoned and reliable – the Dell PowerEdge R710. While it may not be the latest model on the market, its performance

Enterprise-Level Environment: Overview and Goals

Overview Welcome to “Enterprise-Level Environment,” a comprehensive blog series dedicated to the ambitious undertaking of creating a sophisticated homelab setup that emulates the complexity of an enterprise network. This series will serve as a chronicle of my journey, documenting the decisions, challenges, and solutions that arise when striving for an enterprise-grade configuration in a homelab